Marsha Srednick

Srednick studied at the NYU School of Retailing & Marketing in the 1960s. Shortly after obtaining her degree she began working at a showroom in New York City’s Garment District. After some time, Srednick decided to leave the garment district to raise a family. After years of being a stay-at-home mom, Srednick decided to return to fashion. “It was time for a change. I needed to go back to my passion. My husband was in the fashion industry as a sales rep so he helped introduce me to the right people.” With his help Srednick acquired profitable merchandise and entered the retail business.

In 1977 Srednick opened Clothes Patch, a women’s clothing boutique in Livingston, NJ on a small residential side street. The store was an instant success. The economy was booming, the designer jean frenzy was happening and the store was bursting at its seams. Within a year expansion was a must. In 1978, Srednick moved the already popular boutique to a larger location on a main street in Livingston, NJ across from the famous Ritz Diner. Her store continued to flourish due to its ability to meet the growing demand for unique merchandise and stellar service. Through Clothes Patch, Srednick was filling a void in the community.

Seeking the assistance of a partner, Srednick was joined by her daughter, Stacy Novich, in 1992 and changed the name of the boutique to Complements Two. In August of 2008 the partners thought it was time for a fashion facelift to a more exciting Livingston location. The store was completely transformed into a New York City loft style retail space complete with exposed warehouse-like ceilings, hip lounge furniture and modern fixtures. Srednick’s extensive experience in the business continues to please her clientele through the merchandise and décor of Complements Two.

Marsha Srednick is married to husband Bob and currently co-owns Complements Two with daughter Stacy Novich.

Stacy Novich

With a mother and father deep into the fashion world Stacy Novich was born for the business. “I had it in my blood… fashion was the hot topic at our dinner table,” said Novich.

After high school Novich left home to study at Boston University where she obtained her degree in advertising. However, following graduation, Novich decided to pursue a career in fashion instead. “My dad was in the business my whole life and then my mom opened the store. It was just so second nature to go into it.”

Novich worked in the Garment District in sales, product development and merchandising, forming lasting relationships with buyers all over the country. These connections would later be useful in her future endeavors. Novich spent her early years dealing with specialty stores and major department stores throughout the country such as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s.

Eventually Novich’s entrepreneurial spirit took over and with a partner she opened up a wholesale multi-line repping company called Stab Sales. Also in the Garment District, Stab Sales carried an average of five junior and contemporary sportswear lines at a time. Her intense involvement with this venture, though invigorating, seemed to leave little time for a personal life. Desiring more flexibility than her New York based company could offer, Novich chose to engage in another fashion opportunity.

At the time her mother Marsha Srednick needed help with her Livingston, NJ store Complements Two. Srednick knew her daughter Novich would be a great asset. Novich saw this as a great opportunity to cut down her commute time and direct more attention to her personal life. “This was a chance for me to focus on a family without compromising my business,” said Novich. She closed her New York office and began working with her mother, Marsha Srednick at Complements Two.

Stacy Novich is married to husband Steve and has teenage twins, Remy and Mac.

About Us

Complements Two is a fashionable clothing and accessory store for contemporary women. Our New York City style loft boutique focuses on fashion that feels and makes you look your best at any age. We offer a trendy and chic selection of women’s clothing including jeans, t-shirts, pants, sweaters, dresses, and non-conventional eveningwear.

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